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Introduction to Invitations:
Ordering invitations is comparable to ordering from a restaurant's "a la carte" menu. There is a separate price for each part of the order.

Basic items:
Invitation and Blank Envelope
Return Address - printed on the backflap of the envelope
Reply Set - reply card which guests fill out, and return envelope pre-addressed to host/hostess

All items are ordered in increments of 25. Not ordering enough invitations is a very costly error! We suggest ordering 25 more invitations, or at least 25 more envelopes than absolutely needed.

Optional items include:
       Envelope Upgrade - change to colored, hand-made or custom
       Liner for Envelope- solid color, pattern or custom printed
       Reception or Party Card
       Direction Card or Map
       Accommodation Card
       Rehearsal Dinner Card
       Brunch Card
       Informal (Thank You note)

Invitations should be ordered 4-5 months before the date of the event. This allows 6-8 weeks for them to arrive, 2 weeks for addressing, and 2 weeks (or more) for stuffing, stamping and mailing.

As the host or hostess of the event, you will want the invitations in your guests' hands 8 weeks before the event.

After choosing the invitation, typestyle(s) and wording for all parts, the order may be placed.

Your order will be checked by an experienced invitation professional before it is placed with the printer. We will not hesitate to call or email with questions. This is where the expert shines! It is our job to know the correct etiquette and the questions to ask!

Once placed, you will receive an official printer's proof.  The proof should be checked carefully for content, layout and spelling.

This is the time to make any changes!

Errors found on the proof are the customer's responsibility to notice! 

When signed approval is returned, the invitations will be printed.

Shipping & Delivery:

The delivery time varies according to how busy the printer is.

An estimated ship date will be provided upon proof approval.

The most elaborate invitations can take 6 weeks, but 3-4 weeks from the time the order is entered is the most likely.

The package will be drop-shipped to the customer. 

If envelopes are to be addressed (using our calligraphy, calligraphers or labels), those will be a separate delivery.

Contents of the box should be checked upon delivery, and any discrepancies reported within a reasonable time.


There are 4 ways to address your envelopes to your guests:

Etiquette sources maintain that writing your guests names and addresses by hand on your envelopes is always appropriate, and gives a very personal touch. It is limited only to your own time and skill.

Calligraphy is a lovely and ancient art-form. The calligrapher uses a special nib pen, held at a constant angle, to acheive the characteristic thick and thin lines. The artist embellishes the copy with swashes and flourishes randomly. The "imperfection" of the print is what marks the artistry. It adds another layer of interest to your visual presentation. If you choose this method, ordering extra envelopes is a necessity. There will be human error in spacing and placement, unexpected ink smudges or blots, which will necessitate a re-do. 
Calligraphy costs $2-$5 per envelope. A good calligrapher will need to be reserved ahead of the envelopes arriving. You should allow 2 weeks for completion. This is a generous allotment!

       Computer Calligraphy
Addressing using a printer and computer has become very popular. It is a less costly and less time-consuming method than either hand-writing or calligraphy. The result is a more "perfect" looking envelope.
Today, the more "graphic" font combinations of print and script are often used on the invitations, to be distinctive and more easily read than script alone. Either a combination of print and script, print alone or script alone may be used for the addressing. Script alone is more formal, and many open type fonts have variations of the letters which can help simulate Hand-calligraphy for the addressing.
The client emails an Excel or Word document containing guests names and addresses to Declaration of Invitations. The addresses are printed on the envelopes using the same ink color and typestyle(s) used on the invitations.
The cost for Computer Calligraphy runs from $1-$1.50 per envelope. Less envelopes are needed for errors using this method.
We are excited to be able to offer White Ink to address your dark envelopes!

Address labels can be used to address the envelopes. This method is undoubtedly quick, and less expensive. It is, however, a much less formal method of addressing. One printing company uses colored labels with pre-printed designs to match the invitations. These are a fun addition to a visual presentation, but again, not suitable for a more formal invitation. If this is an alternative you want to consider, email your request!

Pricing & Promotions:

Promotions and Discounts will be shown upon completion of the ordering form.